Year 2 Final Week Information

We are coming to the end of term and Year 2 staff and students are looking forward to celebrating Easter as a cohort. We have many exciting and engaging activities planned for the last week to assist children to consolidate their understandings of Easter and associated traditions. On the last day of school children will receive an Easter gift from their homeroom teacher in the form of a chocolate Easter bunny to take home and enjoy. If your child has an allergy to chocolate please let your child’s teacher know so that an alternative can be arranged.

As part of our Easter investigations children will create a Faberge style egg and they will need to bring 2 hard-boiled eggs from home in a sealed and labelled container on the following day please.

Monday: 2M, Tuesday: 2G, Wednesday: 2M, Thursday: 2R

Finally, as part of our Integrated Studies unit students have been learning about living things. In the final week during Genius Hour we will create small edible sculptures of the creatures we have been learning about. Children will have the opportunity to eat their sculptures. These will be made from a variety of fruit, vegetables and a small amount of cream cheese. If your child has any allergies to these ingredients could you please let your child’s homeroom teacher know so that alternatives can be arranged.


Anna Daley

Year 1 / 2 Coordinator


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