Futsal Tournament - Year 7 & 8

During the second half of term, the Year 8 Soccer elective students designed and implemented a Futsal tournament for all the Year 7 & 8 Soccer students. The tournament, conducted over three Wednesday afternoons, comprised four evenly selected teams. Qualifying games and finals were played. The teams were the Jets, Storm Lions and Snakes.


Week 1

It was a great day. Competition was close and most of the games were drawn. Everyone was working together throughout the games and everyone got a go with the ball, which was great.

The Jets and the Storm played first. It was tough and the goalies were unbelievable! It was a 0-0 draw at the end.

The Lions and the Snakes was the next game. They had a great game with everyone working well together. In one part of the game two players, one from each team, were running down the field at great speed. One player kicked for goal but missed; it was a great part of the game. Score 0-0. 

The last game was between the Lions and the Storm. Everyone was so tired and wanted to go home but they still played on. The score was 2-0 to the Lions. Overall, everyone had had a great time and learnt a lot.


Week 2

On the second week of soccer it was a nice day, some might say hot, but it was nice for me sitting under the trees and watching the games. These games were again the qualifiers to get into the finals. 

The score for the first game, the Jets vs the Snakes, ended 6-2. The Jets were amazing because their teamwork was great and helped them win. The Snakes played well also and the players of both teams had a great time. 

The second game between the Storm and the Snakes resulted in a draw, 1-1. It was a close game. This draw would make the finals even more exciting. The players worked well together but some players were a little bit selfish! 

The last game was between the Lions and the Jets. The Lions won scoring the only goal. It was a close game, but the Lions had great passing skills throughout the game. Overall, the day was great as everyone was getting involved. There were great ideas for the finals the following week.


Week 3

The day was sunny but had some windy moments. The ladder from the qualifying games read as follows:


Team                     W                           L                               D                               P                             F                              A


Lions                      2                              0                              1                              7                              5                              1

Jets                        1                              1                              1                              4                              7                              5

Snakes                   1                              1                              1                              4                              4                              7

Storm                     0                               2                              1                              1                              1                              4


The first game, for third place overall, was between the Storm and the Snakes. The Storm won 5-2. Both teams displayed great skills throughout the whole game and the air was tense! Everyone was getting involved. Towards the end, the Storm finally took their chances.

The Final was between the Jets and Lions. The Jets won 4-1, reversing the result from the previous week. Both teams played well. The game was once again close until near the end when the Jets scored a couple of late goals. Overall, the games were great and everyone had a great time!

I would like thank the Year 8 students for planning, designing, organizing and running the tournament.

Erika Van Beveren
Year 7



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