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The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy around our Senior School Campus! Ask any student here and they will explain that ‘busy’ for them translates to a mountain of SAC’s waiting on the horizon. As usual the end of term for every year level equals assessment and for some even stress, so in line with it being SAC season, I have asked a couple of our Year 12 students for their wisdom & advice.

How do you personally, manage your time and optimise your study?

“I manage my study and subsequent stress through having some balance with other activities in my life, I work after school and like to exercise every morning and this helps me to re-focus and prioritise” – Tayla Robinson

“I always spend time with my family and rely on my friends at school, especially right before a SAC. I think that seeing my friends and receiving support about my stress is the key to limiting stress at school”  – Gabi Nitchie

“Personally in managing my stress I like to think ‘what would Jude do?’… And then my answer to that question generally calms me down. But honestly I try not to take things too seriously and this helps me” – Hamilton West

“My advice is just to study, but not too much” – Grace-Ann Tripodi

“If I feel myself starting to get overwhelmed with assessments I like to break down my time into small timeframes, like a day or a couple of hours. In this time I focus solely on the task for that hour which helps me put things into perspective” – Mekealy Gecsek


What advice do you have for other students relating to their SACs and Exams?

“Don’t leave studying until the last minute!” – Andrew Ganly

“Although it feels like there is so much pressure on you to perform super well in your assessments, especially in Year 12, the best piece of advice is to make use of your teachers a lot for feedback and assistance” – Gabi Nitchie

 “Don’t study just for the point of studying, listen to yourself. Take the night off or keep studying, just do whichever you feel is the best choice for yourself” –Hamilton West

“Just take everything day by day and try not to become too overwhelmed by it all”  – Grace-Ann Tripodi

“Do the best that you can do and know your limits. Try not to become too caught up in all the logistics of VCE, because after all there will always be a way to reach your goals” – Mekealy Gecsek


This entertaining advice gathered from a few of our graduating class can help to put things further into perspective, that we all can make it through SAC season and do well! ‘Balance’ will become a word of encouragement said so often throughout your senior schooling that it almost becomes a cliché, but honestly, it will always be one of the best reminders out there. Finding techniques that work best for you is most important in effective studying. Some of these techniques might include: prioritising; seeking the support of others and providing that same support to others in return; focusing on doing your best (not anyone else’s); and most importantly, laughing and spending time with those you love! These seem to be some of the ‘keys to success’ for not only thriving with your studies but also enjoying school during VCE. Good luck everyone!

Praying for an enjoyable last week of school for all and both blessings and protection over the Easter break.


Megan Heathcote

College Prefect


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