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This term the Year 9 the Business of Food offered students the opportunity to look at the business world through the eyes of some of the most successful entrepreneurs working today. Exploring diverse aspects of running a business while drafting a business plan for their Pop-up Café. This engaged them in deep thinking and rich discussion about testing recipes, conducting market research, the cost of menu items, percentage profit, loss, recycling and sustainability. The Pop up Café this week provided the students with the unique opportunity to bring their business plan to life while providing an educational and fun participatory experience. It was also a co-collaboration project with the Middle School Highton Music Faculty. Two groups from Ms. Mantelli’s Year 8 Music Elective class played and Ms. Notini’s whole class played. One group played a Latin song; a group of eight students played a Latin instrumental piece written by Adela Karol specially for the group. Ms. Notini’s class played a Latin percussion call and answer groove.

Well done to all who have contributed and thank you to all those who have been involved in making this such an exciting event.


Felicity Rogerson
Classroom Teacher 


A students prespective - 

Throughout the past term, I have been participating in the Food Studies elective, ‘The Business of Food’. This elective is all about teaching us how to run our own business successfully. Throughout the term, my class and I have been planning and running pop-up cafés that are located at the Middle School Campus. In the weeks leading up to the event our class plans out what to cook, how much our items cost to make so we can figure our sale price, as well as how to make our pop-up café appealing to the school community. This subject is great, it teaches you so many things you will need to know if you would like to pursue a career with your own business. It is also it super fun, you have an amazing teacher guiding you through the process and you learn how to cook yummy food and take it home!–

Sophie Moore - Year 9 



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