Escape Proof Pig Pens

Year 2 students have been enjoying the E.B. White classic ‘Charlotte’s Web’ read aloud by their homeroom teacher. There are many problems and exciting adventures enjoyed by the loveable characters, in particular for Wilbur the pig. In one particular event he escapes from his pen for a thrilling outing on the farm, albeit short lived one. During Genius Hour students were posed with the problem of designing an escape proof pig pen for Wilber that would enable him maximum play space and using the smallest number of icy pole sticks. Students were required to record their planning ideas and to create a labelled diagram of what they intended to create.

There were many varied designs that evolved with observing the problem solving and critical thinking of peers and through enthusiastic and animated discussion. Students were asked to reflect on their designs and to consider possible improvements. They needed to use a range of thinking skills as well as stretch their BLP muscles to engage with others and collaborate around ideas. Genius Hour is an opportunity for students to extend their understandings in a supported context each week and to explore areas of interest and passion. We are looking forward to what our Year 2 genius’ get up to next.

Anna Daley 

Year 1 / 2 Coordinator


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