From the Chaplain

The annual Easter Bonnet parade is always a special time with the students parading past their parents who are full of smiles themselves and clicking away on their cameras. I love watching the interactions and sense of joy on people's faces. It's great to be able to celebrate special occasions as a community, as families. I had the opportunity and privilege recently, in conjunction with my grown up daughters and their families, to celebrate a special '0' birthday and weekend away for my wife. It was special to be able to honour her contribution to our family over many years and it meant a lot to her.

Easter is a special time too. It's great to celebrate the time with hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and special family time. It's also about honouring and being grateful to Jesus, God's Son, for the life He lived, for the love He showed and for His sacrifice on the cross. Easter saw Jesus take all our wrong doings upon Himself to save us from the judgement that should have fallen on us. In its place Jesus offers forgiveness, love, grace and an inner peace and joy. It's called Good Friday because it was good for us but was tough on Jesus. The Easter message doesn't end there as Jesus conquered death three days later after experiencing the most brutal of deaths imaginable. It's a message of victory, restoration, freedom and tells us that God is ultimately in control.

Likewise Anzac Day is just around the corner too, and as a school community we will gather together to celebrate and remember the sacrifice made by those who have served Australia in war. It's a time of remembering the cost and value of lives lost but also being thankful for the freedom we now have.

Both Anzac Day and Easter are about the cost of a life or lives, sacrifice for the benefit of others and the price paid  for a better future. We know there's plenty of hardship and grief in our world today but be assured God will meet us in whatever situations come our way offering strength, comfort, inner peace and an eternal hope. That's worth celebrating! Have a special Easter.

Rowan Thurman

Junior School Chaplain


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