All the ‘drama’ of Term 1

Can you believe it is already the end of Term 1? So much has happened over the last nine weeks and I would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief overview of what the Christian College Bellarine students have been creating in Drama.

The Year 5’s this week performed the Dreamtime stories they had written for the Preps. In small groups, students needed to create a story that had Australian animals as their characters, contained both narration and dialogue, had an element of dance and told a creation story – how something came to be. Next term, students will extend their learning about the storytelling styles of different cultures to include both Africa and Asia. Students will then write, rehearse and perform a creation story for the continent they develop in Geography.

The Year 7’s have been ‘clowning around’ – literally. A busy few performance days in the Auditorium saw the Year 7’s display their learning to some Year 3 buddies. For this task, students worked collaboratively to develop a clowning performance using slapstick comedy. Next term, students will research the theatre style Commedia Dell’arte before using this learning to create an end-of-term performance piece.

The Year 8’s have had a busy time developing both solo and group mime performances. Now, they are in the midst of exploring a number of different performance elements in their work with the nonsense poem Jabberwocky. Students will continue their learning with this next term before adapting a picture story book into a performance piece.

Finally, the Year 9’s work with theatre styles from Greek Theatre to Melodrama, has seen the group given the opportunity to create a performance for the Geelong After Dark event on May 4. After being given the provocation of Geelong’s transformation, students have developed a performance piece based on conventions of both Epic Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed – using the transformation of Geelong’s employment landscape (blue collar to white collar) to highlight the issue of homelessness. Students will continue to collaborate with the Year 9 Guerilla Art group to refine their work ahead of the performance night.

A huge thank you to students for the energy and enthusiasm you bring to this subject – I am really looking forward to what Term 2 might bring…

Just before I go, please do not forget to buy tickets to this year’s school production – Alice – which will go on sale soon. Performances will be held at The Potato Shed in Drysdale between May 3 and 5, with a couple of familiar Bellarine faces taking part.

Mrs. Victoria Kent
Classroom Teacher


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