Year 4 Easter Story

On Tuesday, our Year Four students explored the Easter Story and responded through drama re-enactments, musical expression, construction and collage.  The students had to make a personal connection to the Easter Story which they further unpacked in small groups.  To retell the Easter Story some students chose to construct a scene from the story using, Lego, wood, plastic and other construction materials.  There were detailed and precise scenes showing the tomb and the journey Jesus travelled.  Other groups expressed their understanding through music, creating and playing music to represent the story.  Another group of students re-enacted the scenes.  The play was delivered in a very powerful and professional performance.  Another group used collage to create a snapshot depicting a particular scene that grabbed their interest.  Through the layering of varied materials they were able to recreate artistic and expressive pieces of art.  The students displayed enthusiasm to learn more about the sacrifice Jesus endured and the love he has for us all.

Tracy McDonald

Year 4 Teacher


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