Checkmate’ Chess Coaching

We know that not only is Chess a great game, it also has many educational benefits such as improving concentration, problem solving, pattern recognition, analytical skills, memory recall and self-esteem.

This term, Phil Hooton from ‘Checkmate’ Chess Coaching has been coaching some of our middle school students. Participants have learnt many tactics, strategies, special moves, traps and openings to help them improve their game, have a lot of fun and develop new friendships across different year levels.


In the final week, students participated in an exciting and suspenseful tournament.


The 2018 Term 1 Tournament Place Winners are:


Group 1 Advanced

1st Place - Alice Joyce 6M ‘Best and Fairest’ Trophy

2nd Place – Tvisha Merchant 6B & Lenni Migios 8R (Silver Badge)

3rd Place – Sam Fisher 7H (Bronze Badge)


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