Anzac Day Commemoration Ceremony

Our Anzac Day Commemoration Ceremony will be held at Junior School on Tuesday, 24th April at 9:00am.  Parents are invited to attend.

The Service will be held around the flag pole at the front of the school if the weather is fine, otherwise the service will be held in the Assembly Hall. Children are encouraged to bring a small posy of flowers or a small wreath on the day to lay at the base of the flagpole at the appropriate time.  Children may also wear medals awarded to parents, grandparents or other relatives if they wish.  However, please note that the children will be responsible for the care of those medals during the day and if worn, should be worn on the right-hand side of their uniform.

Student Leaders will conduct our service and the Junior School Choir will be leading in the singing of the National Anthem and the hymn Abide With Me.

We look forward to this very important day in our College Calendar and feel privileged to honour and commemorate our fallen servicemen and women.

Ann-Marree Weigl

Head of Junior School


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