Year 8 Food Studies Healthy Snack Team Challenge

First day back and straight into our first Year 8 Team Challenge. Yes a competition in Master Chef Style with the Blue Team against the Red Team. Students have been cooking healthy snacks throughout Term 1.  Approximately 10 students per team creating healthy snack dishes such as pumpkin and feta pizza, granola pancakes, sugarless pavlova, mini beef burgers, mini baked cheesecakes, berry juice, and much more. Students were given 70 minutes to prepare and present their dishes for judging. Four judges: Mr. Costa, Mr. Benson, Mrs. Faulkner and Mrs. Baker were able to sample all of the culinary delights giving the dishes a score out of ten on presentation, healthiness of the ingredients in the dish and of course, the ultimate taste test.      

The Blue Team just beat the Red Team although it was an extremely close competition with both teams delivering impressive dishes. The students worked hard but found much enjoyment in competing and preparing the snacks for the judges. The dish of the day was the mini baked cheesecakes (low sugar content) made by Gabriel, Bethany, Mali and Liam.

The next day another Y8 Team Challenge, and another amazing effort. Red Team won Wednesday’s challenge only just beating the Blue Team who were a member absent. Dish of the Day this time went to Lin for her very refreshing  Bruschetta.

A BIG Thank-you to Mrs. Morrison, our Food Studies Assistant, who is amazing and assists the students every week.

Looking forward to more Team Challenges in the future! 

Mrs. Karen Friday

Food Studies                                      



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