'Let’s go fly a kite, up in the atmosphere'

As the sun rose bringing in a new term, the Year 4 cohort departed on a journey of discovery in regards to the forces around them. During this term our major topic in Integrated Studies aptly titled ‘May The Force Be With You’, looks at the forces that are around us. During this first week of study, students completed a practical demonstration of a simple everyday task, flying a kite. Although basic in nature, they soon discovered the underlying reasons that a kite is able to remain aloft amongst the clouds. During this time students asked inquisitive questions such as, How much wind is required to keep it up in the air? Does the length of string affect its flying? What forces are keeping it up and what forces are causing it to fall?

On reflection of our kite flying we took a deeper look into the forces that affect flight. This set of activities has been a great precursor to stimulate further research of the other forces in our world such as push/pull, gravity, air resistance, friction, magnetic force etc. The ‘May The Force Be With You’ unit will enable students to immerse themselves in scientific concepts and apply design thinking ideas in their projects. We look forward to seeing what they come up with.

Callen Wade

Year 4B Teacher


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