The Year Ones are Popping over Popcorn Procedural Texts

As a part of our Chemical Sciences Integrated Studies Unit ‘Bend, Stretch, Twist,’ Year One students are looking at the effect of heating and cooling on materials. This week students have had the opportunity to observe the effect heating and cooling has on popcorn, jelly and chocolate. We have been using our ‘Robbie Resourcefulness’ muscle and ‘making links’ in our learning as students also wrote procedural texts on how to make popcorn and jelly.

Next week students will investigate ways to manipulate materials such as newspaper and foil using ‘Bending, Stretching and Twisting’ to create an insulator for ice. Students will be ‘scientists’ as they report their findings of what happens to the ice once inside.

This unit has proven to be full of excitement and we anticipate this to continue, as the students look forward to designing a boat out of different materials.


Jamie-Lee Lobbe

Year 1G Teacher


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