From the Head of Senior School

We wish to welcome all Christian College families back and hope that you all enjoyed a restful holiday. It is important to note that Easter commenced our break and signified the most important time on our Christian calendars.

It is a time to honour and reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus in his human form endured. Even on the cross he forgave the man next to him who stood accused of the most hideous crimes. It is a time to undertake an audit of our own faith and understand where we are. Jesus sacrifice, so that we may have salvation no matter what our behaviours, is truly inspiring. We also trust there was family time and a chance to relax ahead of a busy term.

Term 2 is always a busy one with winter setting in and the assessments being regular for most students. The advice is for students to maintain their learning and to seek assistance as soon as there is a concern. The relationship between teacher and student is vital for mastery in all subjects.


Commencement Assembly on Tuesday

Christian College 2016 Graduate, Jakara Anthony was our speical guest at the Senior School Commencement Assembly on Tuesday. In 2017 she was selected for the Australian Winter Olympic team in the Mogal Skiing event to be held at Pyeongchang. Jakara was ranked second in Australia and yet finished fourth in her event at these Olympics, the highest achievment for an Australian in this event. Her message was about hard work and clear goals, and being organised to achieve the best possible outcome. The students enjoyed watching the video of her Olympic event and hearing from a professional athlete.

We were also able to celebrate with one of our Senior Teachers - Mr Steve Sullivan who finished third in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race which went from Western Australia to Sydney along the southern coast.  This was an inspirational journey and every student enjoyed hearing of his experiences along the way.

These stories certainly got the students excited for the Term ahead.


Music Tour to Hawaii

Towards the end of last term 63 music students from Year 8 to 12 toured Hawaii to take part in a music festival. All students performed so well in various formats. At our recent Senior School assembly Bailey Lake spoke of his experience and he has kindly provided his speech for you to view below:

“This morning I will be talking on behalf of the Senior Wind Symphony and the Senior Stage band’s time in Hawaii. The music department got to do many amazing things whilst in Hawaii such as seeing the iconic Pearl Harbor and getting to see the famous Waikiki beach, but one of the things that I enjoyed the most about our trip to Hawaii was the exchange rehearsals with other schools from around the world, professional workshops with guest conductors and the performance opportunities that we had around Honolulu. Our main Adjudication for the trip was a great success, as the Wind Symphony received a gold award for their playing. This made the whole group realise that the many hours of rehearsal before the trip was well worth it and it also would have brought upon the group a huge amount of confidence going into some of the gigs later on in the year.

The two exchange rehearsals that we had the chance to participate in, were with an 80-piece high school band from Oregon in the United States and with a middle school band from Hawaii. I found it amazing how easy it was to sit next to complete strangers from halfway around the world and to be able to instantly form friendships and play a variety of music together. I also found it extremely moving at how grateful the younger middle school band was that we were able to perform and listen to them, as well as share a meal together after we had played.
Even away from music, the people in Hawaii were generally so nice. Drivers would always give way to pedestrians on the roads and the locals would never be afraid to approach us and ask us where we were from and what we were doing.

The Wind Symphony and Stage band both also had the opportunity to receive professional workshops from big name musicians around the world. These experiences not only helped us to perform our best when we were in Hawaii, but it also taught us many great things about music that we can take with us into future performances. It was inspiring how passionate that these people were in sharing their skills and experience with us young people.

Both Bands also had the opportunity to perform at the Ala Moana shopping centre. Both of these gigs attracted a large audience and gave the musicians a great thrill in performing in a different kind of environment, and once again, the people that were listening to us as we performed these gigs were always so happy and grateful to listen to our music. We always received many compliments from our audiences at these gigs.
Something that I think all of the staff and students that came on the trip realised is that Music is a lot more than just some notes jotted down on a piece of paper. It is a global Language; you can express so many emotions through it. No matter where in the world you go, there will always be music, and there will always be people around that will be able to relate to you through music. No language barrier can ever stop the effect that music has on people.”

Bailey Lake - Year 12


ANZAC Service

Our ANZAC Service is on Monday 23rd April at Senior School. On this morning we shall assemble in our normal House groups and watch a specially made video on the meaning of ANZAC Day. Then we shall all assemble around the flag pole where there will be a Call to Commemoration which places in context the significance of this event.

Here is what will be read:

Sometime between 4.00 am and 5.00 am on the 25th April, 1915, the first wave of Australian and New Zealand troops landed on the shores of a beach on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey. This one moment in time would give birth to the ANZAC legend. The courage, mateship and sacrifice that became evident at Gallipoli would be seen in time and again in the many wars and conflicts that followed. Men and women serving their country in the name of freedom. It is for this reason, 103 years after that landing on what is now known as Anzac Cove, that we gather here today.”

On Wednesday 25th April we encourage students to attend a dawn service if they never have, to experience the reverence of what is our past and present.


Student Learning Conferences

Our Student Learning Conferences are next Tuesday 24th April and it is a student free day. We do however, encourage all students to accompany their parents or guardians to the conferences to hear important feedback from their teachers. It is also an opportunity for the teachers to hear from you, how they may better relate and understand your child. We look forward to your support on this day.


Winter Uniform

Parents and Guardians please note that students may wear either their summer or winter uniform until Monday 30th April after which time the winter uniform is required to be worn. There is to be no mixing of our uniform. We thank parents and guardians for your assistance in this matter. 



Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School - Waurn Ponds


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