Our Five Senses - Integrated Studies

As an exciting start to Term 2, the Prep students have begun their Integrated Studies with an interactive unit that explores the biological sciences, in particular living things and their needs. This week, we focused on our own five senses and how they allow us to explore and experience the world around us. Students have enthusiastically participated in a range of activities involving sight, touch, sound, smell and taste and how we can use them both singularly and together with other senses to help us understand, recognise and learn in everything we do. 

One real highlight was using all of our five senses to experience the cooking and eating of popcorn. Our classroom was filled with the delicious smell of popcorn as we listened to the rattle and popping sounds in the machine, saw the small kernels changing as they cooked, felt the warmth of the fresh popcorn and tasted the delicious flavour when they had finished cooking. Students made connections during this time, that could also be relevant in many other ‘real-world’ situations and experiences. It was great to see students practice making different observations during the activities and using a variety of adjectives to describe and communicate their experiences.

Ms Katherine Moore


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