Art for the Anzacs - Year 9

As the Guerrilla Art subject draws to a close they have unveiled their final artwork for the Christian College Community at our Bellarine Campus. Throughout the course of Term 1 Patrick McNamara, Shannon D'Costa, Lachlan Williams and Nikki Frecklington created Twenty poppies each, along with myself in preparation for this day.

We spray painted stems onto the wall under the mural and during lunchtime yesterday added the poppy heads we had made. The students have also contributed to a video recording about their process and the importance of the poppy in remembering the ANZAC soldiers who fought and died for us. This video can be accessed by scanning the QR codes on the wall next to the installation.

The central focus of this subject is art for the community. When I asked the students why this installation would be considered art for our community, their reply was "because it is important to remember".

Lest we forget.

Mrs Lori Ruplal.
Middle School Art, Design and Media Teacher 


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