Ancient History in the Making - Year 7

In Year 7 History, students have been investigating some of the earliest known civilisations to uncover the reasons why human settlement flourished in various parts of the world. Through the ‘big idea’ of sustainability, a common thread in each Humanities discipline in Year 7, students have been developing an understanding of the common characteristics that led to the success and longevity of major civilisations like Rome, Greece, Egypt and China. Students have also been encouraged to analyse the different types of evidence that help us explain the past. It is through evidence that students have also examined the development of ancient Aboriginal society in Australia. Student learning in Term 1 – which included a visit to the Bellarine Historical Society in Drysdale – culminated in the design and creation of an artefact that could have existed in the civilisation they chose to focus on. Students also needed to write an explanation ‘museum’ card to describe what their artefact showed about their focus civilisation and how people in that place and time lived. This week, the hard work and growth in learning of the Year 7’s was put on display when their ‘Ancient History in the Making Museum’ opened to the rest of the school. The Year 7’s themselves were the first to visit on Tuesday and, we think you would agree the images and videos show, they really enjoyed seeing their artefacts on display – as well as having the opportunity to extend their own learning through exploring the creations of their classmates. As we continue through Term 2, students will now refine their focus to learning more about influential individuals in ancient history.

Victoria Kent and Nicola Morrish
Year 7 History Teachers


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