Year 3 at Portsea Camp

The sun was shining brightly over Port Phillip Bay and the children were anticipating what adventures awaited them on the other side. After a pleasant ride on the car ferry to Sorrento and a short bus ride along the coast, we made it to the magnificent Portsea Camp. A range of adventure activities and time to explore were first on the menu, followed by marshmallows around the camp fire.

The children enjoyed their action-packed days on the giant flying fox, high ropes course, fishing and team building undertakings. With their ‘collaboration, perseverance and reasoning’ muscles working hard, many of the children embraced the challenges of being extended beyond their ‘comfort zones’.

The Yr. 3 students are now spending time in class reflecting on their experiences and making connections to their everyday lives. Well done to the Year 3 students for their participation and enthusiasm. Thanks to all the staff who made the camp possible. A truly unforgettable and invaluable experience!

Sapphire Main and Mark Jacobi
Year 3 Classroom Teachers


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