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On Thursday 26th April, the Year 3 and 4 students participated in the Junior School Cross Country. Running approximately 2km, students ran 3.5 laps of a 600 metre course around the Junior School grounds. The attitude and effort of all the competitors was a real highlight for the teachers and the many parents who came to support the event.

A special thanks to Jason Morrison who once again lead the front runners on his bike and the many staff who helped on the finish line and around the course. It was a great atmosphere and we wish the Year 4 students who will run at the Deakin District Cross Country at Eastern Gardens all the very best.

House Competition

1st Penman         221 points

2nd Flynn             224 points

3rd Taylor             241 points

4th Burrows          277 points


Cross Country Results

Year 4 Girls                                                                          Year 4 Boys

1st Mikayla Pocklington 9.49                                                1st Tom Lyons-Lee            9.20

2nd Molly O’Malley           10.26                                            2nd Riley Suter                    9.24

3rd Holly Jaques                 10.30                                          3rd Sunny Brownbill        9.33


Year 3 Girls                                                                          Year 3 Boys

1st Annabel Coleman      10.34                                           1st Tavier Rutherford      9.30

2nd Emily Pianto                 10.45                                        2nd Charley Bove               9.32

3rd Helaina Despott         11.01                                           3rd Noah Stephens          10.22


At today’s assembly, the Year 4 students who finished with the highest individual points from the Year 4 – 9 Athletics Carnival received their medals. Congratulations to these students and the many more who will participate in Term 3 at the Deakin District Athletics Carnival at Landy Field.

Year 4 Girls                                                                       Year 4 Boys

1st Anya Brown                  90 pts                              1st Charlie Guinane          76 pts

2nd Mikayla Pocklington 55pts                                   2nd Jordan Maddock        49 pts

3rd Tiana Dragojevic         44 pts                                3rd Dom Parigi                    47 pts

4th Isabelle Brehaut         40 pts                                 4th Riley Suter                    35 pts

5th Lucinda Joyce              31 pts                               5th Zander Bailey               33 pts


Nick Rice

Junior School Phys Ed and Sport Coordinator


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