Back to the Middle Ages – Year 8 Medieval Day


As a way of immersing students into the dynamic and vibrant experiences of people in Europe during the Middle Ages, Year 8 History students participated in the interactive and community focused Medieval Day today, enjoyed in beautiful sunshine and with fantastic spirit. Students and teachers came to school dressed in the traditional costumes of people from various social classes of the time, and participated in workshops that explored dress, dance, games, music and of course…weapons! Archery, swords, axes and shields were all explored as students came to understand the brutal realities of many people from this time in history. For many, the highlight of the day was the medieval feast enjoyed during lunch, where students shared a meal of chicken, bread and fruit, and the juice flowed freely. By the end of the day, students had developed a deeper understanding of the ways in which people interacted 600 years ago. Experiences such as this day add tremendous value to our Year 8 curriculum and are invaluable in providing students with a rich and vibrant environment to enhance their learning.


Mrs Vicki Hayden

Year 8 History Teacher


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