Student Learning Conferences

Thank you to parents that attended our Learning Conferences on Thursday evening. The productive and collaborative dialog shared, forms the very fabric of a sound partnership in the educational journey of each student. 

We experienced a wonderful atmosphere of community as students, parents, guardians and teachers came together to discuss the individual needs, passions, successes and opportunities for further growth of our students. Rich conversations were shared about student wellbeing, educational philosophies and programs the students have been involved in. Through this it was pleasing to see stronger bonds formed between our staff and families as we worked together to plan for the future success of your children.

These Student Learning Conferences are designed to complement the regular ‘in time’ reports frequently sent home to parents and guardians, and allow families and staff to connect in a more personal way. We are very grateful for the time families took yesterday to meet with teachers in the interest of your child’s growth. We look forward to continuing this partnership as the year progresses.


Kindest regards, 

Miss Kerrie Reid 
Deputy Head of Campus




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