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Parents and Guardians…You are still at School

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Learning is a joint effort between parents or guardians, teachers and students. Parents (or Guardians) play an important supporting role in their child’s education. It is well researched that parents who support their child’s learning have children who perform better. Their child will have a higher level of engagement, more developed social skills and be more connected to their learning world.

One of the many aims each teacher has is to teach their students how to learn, how to connect their learning in one discipline to another, how to develop curiosity and provide time to follow their own passions and interests -these are all important. We want our students to lead their educational journey and build resilience that will lead to integrity and dignity.

Our staff are also learners and provide an outstanding learning environment for their students. The relationship they have with their students is second to none. Teachers collaborate as a team both formally and informally during regular meetings with their Directors as well as a collective. It is during these periods of time our dedicated staff reflect, research and improve both individually and as a campus.

All students at our College are cared for through the many experts we have. The software program we use is SEQTA and parents receive an email when we feel you should know of a situation. If it is more important, then a phone call is made to discuss how we are supporting your child.

We encourage family discussions to support your child and for us to be aware of such conversations. By knowing what you want as parents, we can then not only respond and support you, but you better understand how we are supporting your child.


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland concludes tomorrow and I had the privilege of seeing it on Thursday night. It was electrifying and everything that I thought it would be. The costumes were stunning and the acting was of the highest level. Seeing our students work together from across all year levels is always amazing to see, especially when they are in such roles. It took a little while to determine who was who from the wonderful make over they all had.

Also upon arrival one could not but be impressed by the canteen being served by the VCAL students led by Ms Kerryn Fearnsides. The students baked and prepared the delicious food on offer as well they prepared the coffee. The great learning that goes into this should be noted. The VCAL students have learning that allows them to use their skills in a hands on manner. From this exercise they will be able to fulfill at least one of their outcomes.

We must acknowledge the mastery work of Mandy Calderwood and Michaela Gregory. Giving up a great deal of their time is very much appreciated and is the reason why our students reach such high levels of professionalism.

We also should acknowledge the students who auditioned for their respective roles and then worked so hard to ensure they were ready for the opening night.

The standard of our productions at Christian College are outstanding and show cases such an array of talents our students possess.


Cross Country

On Thursday 10th May Senior School will be involved in the House Cross Country event during Periods 3 and 4.  Details will be highlighted from Andrew Richardson for this day.  Students are expected to participate in this event.


Practice for House Music has begun!

House music commenced this week amid great excitement by all.  I had the privilege of attending the first practice of the houses and already there is great harmony.  Penman’s rehearsal was loud and enthusiastic and Taylor house is fine tuning their performance.  The heads of Flynn and Burrows were full of excitement about their start.  We look forward to the final presentation on Thursday 31st May at Costa Hall.


Regional Parenting Services Geelong

City of Greater Geelong are running the following Parenting programs in Term two.

Bringing up Great Kids - This is a six week program discussing how your parenting style may influence your child's behaviour. It is run on a Wednesday evening in Leopold free of charge.

Positive Parenting Program - This program runs for 4 weeks offering information, support and practical answers to everyday parenting concerns. This is run on a Monday evening in Newtown and is free of charge.

Toddler Series - A series of talks for parents on issues relating to toddlers. This program is running on Tuesday evenings in Newtown.

Tuning into Teens - This is a six session program providing parents with a greater understanding of their teens emotional experiences. This is run on a Tuesday evening in Newtown with a gold coin donation.

If you require further information on any of these courses please call City of Greater Geelong on 5272 5272 or email                            



Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School - Waurn Ponds


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