Year 7 Pop-Up Museum - Ancient Civilizations

Year 7 students have been studying ancient civilisations and our Middle School Library has been transformed into an Ancient Civilisations Museum. Here the ancient civilisations of Rome, Greece, China, Egypt and Australia are represented.

Rather than a more traditional simple research task, students have been challenged to create a 3D artefact and then to write a Museum information card to share what the artefact can teach us about the values, beliefs and practices of the ancient civilisations.

This exciting pop-up museum has provided an opportunity for Year 7 students to become absorbed in their learning. They have been intrigued by the exhibits, which have also acted as catalysts for deeper learning about the sustainability of the civilisations. Students were asked to consider the values beliefs and practices that potentially impacted on the rise and eventual fall of each civilisation. From there they applied this understanding to the modern world, exploring the lessons that can be learnt from the past.


Ms Marisa Bettiol

Year 7 Teacher 


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