Investigations and Inquiry sessions


Triggering our student’s curiosity is at the centre of our investigations and inquiry learning sessions. 

This term our students have been learning about plants, their structure, their cycle and their needs. During our investigations and inquiry sessions the students looked at Autumn leaves and evergreen leaves under the microscope and then they compared the structure of the two. They questioned why the Autumn leaves veins were dry and the evergreen leaves veins were not. They then created the leaves using clay making sure they added a series of veins.

Also during our investigations the children took part in literacy and numeracy tasks. During literacy we read the story book ‘This is What I Did with a Leaf’. After reading this story book the children created their own pictures using leaves. They also used Osmo on the iPads to experiment with their spelling and developing initial sounds.

One of the numeracy activities the children loved was using our ‘Sumblocks’. This activity gave the children an opportunity to experiment with numbers that add up to 10. At the end of the session they were using 3 and 4 digits to make 10.


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