How to build a boat in Year One - We hope they all float!

The Year One students made the most of the lovely weather this week and enjoyed heading outside to explore the concepts of floating and sinking.
After predicting if each object would float or sink, the children proceeded to test each item in their tub of water.When predicting, Victor said, “I think the pom pom will sink because it will absorb the water”. The predictions that the children shared and the reasons behind their suggestions were very interesting.

After completing the float/sink testing, children recorded their results and discussed if they had been correct in their predictions. Angie Marshall commented that she was correct about the cardboard, “The cardboard had floated for a little while and then sank after it absorbed the water.” Everyone noticed that the foil floated easily and could be shaped to resemble a little boat.
There was great discussion surrounding the materials that would be best to use when it comes time to make a little boat. Foil, polystyrene and icy-pole sticks will be popular materials when boat building commences next week.

The children will be guided through each phase of boat making, including planning, constructing, testing and reflecting. Children will have the opportunity to further develop ‘perseverance’ during the process of creating their boat.

Katherine Green

Year 1B Teacher


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