Sustainable Opportunity – Arts Learning Festival


This week Staff and Students from Christian College had the unique opportunity to Meet with Dr Aaron Ellison  - Senior Ecologist  - Harvard State Forest,  Professor Donald McLain University of Glasgow – strategies for personal growth and Mrs. Marga Biller Project Director, Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education.


As part of the Arts Learning Festival, an initiative from Independent Schools Victoria, students from our Year 9 Transformation Program, Year 9 Christian Education, Year 9 Science and Year 11 Studio Arts were given the opportunity to listen to these international academics and hear their stories of sustainability in each of their respective fields. Students were challenged with the ideas of what is, and are, sustainable practices, what their future world would look like, and what were they doing to ensure that it happens.


It was fantastic the see the students, across year levels challenge each other about what sustainable practices and their futures could hold. 


A common thread of stories and ‘communication’ was apparent from each of the presenters, in each of their respective research fields, communication and story-telling was the key to imparting knowledge and continuing growth in sustainable practices.  


A dialogue that is underpinned by the Arts, for it is the arts that enable us and empower us to communicate, locally, nationally and internationally. 


Dr Aaron Ellison


Professor Donald McLain


Mrs. Marga Biller



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