Our World Vietnam 2018

Our World is a unique elective subject at the Senior Campus that gives students the opportunity to experience another culture first hand and requires them to consider the challenges faced by that culture. These challenges are of course deep and complex and we don’t shy away from them – indeed it is grappling with those challenges that makes us more “worldly”.

In Year 11, one of the Our World electives focusses on Vietnam and our trip to Vietnam at the end of Term 1 certainly provided many wonderful experiences and lasting memories. For me, the lasting memory will be of how mature and compassionate our students are and how proud I am of them for being interested and engaged in issues that are so far from home.

Some of the highlights from the trip included:

  • Staying with families in home stays and gaining an insight into real life for Vietnamese people in rural areas
  • Trekking through the mountains and remote ethnic minority communities in the northern highlands near Sapa
  • Visiting schools, enjoying conversation in English and socialising with Vietnamese teenagers
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of all sides of the conflict in the Vietnam War
  • Visiting a World Vision Area Development Project to see the long-term achievements and change that an effective NGO can bring to a community in need.

Since returning, the students have been preparing oral presentations, which they will deliver in the coming weeks to students at the Bellarine, Middle and Senior campuses. They are also planning a fundraiser to raise money for a charity in Vietnam which serves the victims of America’s use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. I encourage everyone in the school community to keep an eye out for these events and to support these terrific Year 11 students as they seek to improve Our World.

I am most grateful to the other staff who accompanied us on the trip – Lena Johnstone and Jacqui Nolen – and to Ocean Grove Travel who helped make the trip happen. Of particular importance is the work that Mr. Do Dinh Vinh and the staff at GP Travel in Hanoi do to facilitate our trip every year – they are fantastic.


Mr David Evans

Outdoor Education Teacher


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