Prep Discovery Learning Outings Underway

Wednesday afternoon the Prep students excitedly travelled to Point Lonsdale for their first Discovery Learning experience. Imaginations soared as we walked through the bush to a clearing where we would set up. Many students made comments that we were going on a ‘Bear Hunt’, which happens to be a book that the Preps are particularly fond of!  

The children quickly settled into their play as they played ‘Hide and Seek’ in their fluorescent vests. Numerous little hands collaborated as they pulled logs and rubbed rocks together to create a camp fire, as well numerous unique, on the spot games were created.

It was a sensational afternoon as the students built relationships, took risks, stepped outside their comfort zone and learned about nature. We look forward to the exciting learning which will take place throughout the Discovery Learning adventures yet to come.

Allie Jacobi and Katie Oelke
Prep Homeroom Teachers


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