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Highton Campus House Cross-Country

On a warm Friday in week 1 our Year 5 to 9 students ran strongly in their respective 3km cross-country event. The Middle School student cohort need to be commended on their performances on this day, as the undulating course was indeed testing over the 3km journey. We congratulate Bethany Dean (11min 17sec) and Ethan Grills (9min 50sec) on being our fastest female and male, and Taylor (Yr7 to 9) and Flynn (Yr5&6) Houses on their 1st place and becoming our 2018 Champions.

The House results were as follows:

  • Year 5&6 House Champion Flynn, 2nd Taylor, 3rd Penman and 4th Burrows
  • Year 7 to 9 House Champion Taylor, 2nd Burrows, 3rd Flynn and 4th Penman

The Age Champion results were as follows:

Year 5 Girls

Year 5 Boys

1st Ellie Morgan (Penman)

1st Fraser Richardson (Burrows)

2nd Ava McKinnis (Flynn)

2nd Peter Christo (Flynn)

3rd Grace McFarland (Penman)

3rd Harper Costa (Flynn)

Year 6 Girls

Year 6 Boys

1st Emily Lawrie (Flynn)

1st Martin Dean (Taylor)

2nd Alexis Jane (Burrows)

2nd Angus Fuller (Taylor)

3rd Brielle Townson (Penman)

3rd Tom Leszko (Taylor)

Year 7 Girls

Year 7 Boys

1st Sophie Richardson (Burrows)

1st Jacob McKie (Penman)

2nd Evie Brown (Flynn)

2nd Benjamin Morse (Penman)

3rd Katrina Cochrane (Taylor)

3rd Kade Leigh (Burrows)

Year 8 Girls

Year 8 Boys

1st Bethany Dean (Taylor)

1st Ethan Grills (Penman)

2nd Bianca Pocklington (Penman)

2nd Riley Taylor (Taylor)

3rd Jorja Kirsopp-Cole (Flynn)

3rd Harrison Leigh (Burrows)

Year 9 Girls

Year 9 Boys

1st Phoebe Maloney (Flynn)

1st Cooper Geall (Burrows)

2nd Madeleine Benson (Flynn)

2nd Flynn Daniell (Taylor)

3rd Poppy Schaap (Burrows)

3rd Campbell Rusden (Flynn)



Deakin District Cross-Country Championships (Years 4, 5&6)

As a result of this House event the College selects our Inter-school cross-country runners to compete at the Deakin District XC (Year 4, 5&6) and the GISSA XC (Year 7 to 12) events. Yesterday we had 40 students participate in the Deakin District event, who all ran very well against 5 other Geelong schools. We congratulate our students on their performances in this event, and wish the following students all the very best as they have qualified for the North Geelong Division Championships (May 29th) as a result of their top 8 placing in the District XC event: Grace McFarland (10yr), George Burr (10yr), Maddy Grundberg (11yr), Ellie Morgan (11yr), Harry Morphet (11yr), Fraser Richardson (11yr), Emily Lawrie (12/13yr), Martin Dean (12/13yr), Ben Bowers (12/13yr), Tom Leszko (12/13yr) and Angus Fuller (12/13yr).  



GISSA Track & Field Championships

Last Tuesday the College was well represented at the 2018 GISSA Track & Field Championships, where our team competed admirably on the track and in their respective field events. A number of the students broke GISSA records on the day, and our relay teams ran brilliantly to narrow the points gap between us and Kardinia IC. The team fell 14points short of overtaking Kardinia, however their performances as a whole across the program are to be commended. The team was superbly led by Isabel Hackett and Matthew Tattersall on the day, and we thank our Year 12 students for their efforts over the past six years at this event.


GISSA Record breakers included: Bethany Dean (14yr 1500m and 800m); Kasey Perkins (15yr triple jump, 100m and long jump); Matthew Tattersall (20yr 1500m); Nyah Brown (14yr 100m and 400m); Brunswick Sharp (15yr discus); Kade Leigh (13yr 400m); Finlay Kirsopp-Cole (20yr 400m).


We look forward to next major Inter-school Carnival on the 30th May, which is the GISSA Cross-Country Carnival. 

Andrew Richardson
Director of Health, Physical Education and Sport


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