Yollinko Wetlands Excursion, Year 2

This week the Year 2 classes enjoyed a shared excursion to Balyang Sanctuary, with the Year 11 Outdoor Education classes from Senior School. The Year 11 students had carefully planned a range of engaging learning experiences in the beautiful Yollinko Wetlands for Year 2 students. We spent time learning about how the traditional owners used the wetlands and we heard a variety of Dreamtime stories chosen to help us make connections with our Australian history and our current geography unit. Groups of students were excited to learn about medicinal plants used to treat a range of illnesses, identifying trees used for canoe building and discussing the animals that live in the area. It was wonderful to see how quickly the two classes built relationships and enjoyed spending time with each other. We are very grateful to the students and teachers from Senior School who worked very hard to design a wonderful excursion for our students. I’m sure that if your family head down to Balyang Sanctuary your child will have lots of interesting things to tell you!

Anna Daley

Year 1 / 2 Coordinator


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