Year 2 Camp Reminder

All Year 2 students and staff, are excited about our upcoming camp to ‘Camp Wilkin’ next Wednesday, 16th May to Friday, 18th May. There are many exciting activities and opportunities for all Year 2 students to participate in, such as a night walk, flying fox, damper making and beach treasure hunt activities.

Please read the following information carefully as there are some important reminders and requirements in order for our day of departure to run smoothly.

*Please ensure your child arrives at school on time as the bus will leave promptly at 9.30am

*All luggage is to be placed at the front of the school near the bus departure area. If it is raining, all luggage and food (lunch / recess snacks) are to be placed in the chapel.

*All medications must be labelled with your child’s name and dosage requirements. Medications must be placed in a clearly named, sealed zip lock bag.

*Any medications are to be given directly to your child’s Homeroom Teacher, which will then be placed in a camp medications tub.

*Lunch (with a small water bottle) and a recess snack (with a small water bottle) for day 1, needs to be brought in separate, clearly named plastic/ zip lock bags.

*Lunch and snack needs to be placed in your child’s class, labelled tub I.E: 2B lunch, 2B recess etc… which will be at the luggage drop off area.

* Year 2 students are to line up in their regular line up area, where at 8.50am they will be taken to their homeroom to have the roll marked off and a briefing, before packing the bus prior to the 9.30am departure.

*Arrival time back at Junior School on Friday, 18th May is 2.00pm. Students who are unable to be picked up at 2.00pm will be supervised until 3.25pm in 2M’s classroom.

If you have any questions or queries please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

Year 2 Camp Equipment List

A suggested clothing list is below. Please ensure all packed clothing and personal items are clearly named. Please be aware that if your child packs in excess of this they may have difficulty lifting their luggage. Heavy luggage can also be an occupational health and safety problem for our bus drivers.

* A small suitcase/carry all overnight bag, clearly named on the outside
* Sleeping bag clearly named on the outside and a pillow slip. (Blankets and pillows are supplied)
* A bath towel, hand towel and face washer.
* Sensible footwear - 1 pair of extra shoes or boots, (in case shoes become wet), thongs for shower, 1 pair of shoes suitable for beach wear (old sneakers or crocs etc..)
* Two changes of underwear, socks, shirts or skivvies.
* Clothing appropriate to the season: Water proof jacket, Summer hat, beanie, warm pyjamas/tracksuit, shorts, tracksuits or jeans
* Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, brush and comb, soap, insect repellent and sunscreen all in a toilet bag.
* Tissues, (small pack)
* Torch for night walk
* Plastic bag for soiled clothing.
* One book for evening reading period.

Please note: Electronic games, radios etc.. will not be allowed. Personal valuables such as jewellery/money etc… should not be taken. Students are also asked not to bring cameras (due to privacy policy). Students are responsible for their own personal items.

Louise Ward

Year 2 Camp Coordinator



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