Geelong After Dark - Year 9 Guerrilla Drama

The Year 9 Guerrilla Art and Drama students from Term 1 took part in the annual Geelong After Dark event last Friday night. This year’s theme, ‘Earth’, saw students use both installation artwork and performance to showcase the transformation of Geelong’s employment landscape – blue collar to white collar – to highlight the local issue of homelessness.

While the weather made things a little difficult – and the wind, cold and footy kept overall crowd numbers down – the Christian College students made us, and most importantly themselves, proud. They all managed to push through the nerves to, not only perform and showcase their work to their constantly changing audience, but also engage and interact with those who came to see their work – one lady told us she came to the event just to see what the students had created. Some students were able to use the experience to make the community connections needed, to help them take their desire to make a difference, further. We were absolutely blessed to be given this opportunity to see our students shine.

Thank you to both the staff and student families who braved the elements to see our students in their element – being able to offer this authentic learning experience is something we will never forget.

Victoria Kent – Year 9 Drama & Lori Ruplal – Year 9 Guerrilla Art


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