Project Care East Timor Day - Friday 18th May

Next Friday, 18th May our College community we will celebrate our friendship with East Timor, our nearest international neighbours. After the Timorese people’s heroic and tenacious fight for freedom and independence, Christian College Geelong made a long-term commitment to help and support the people of East Timor, in particular the Viqueque community. Next Sunday, the 20th May is the 16th year of independence for the people of Timor.

Over the recent term break, a work group of Christian College staff prepared and presented to our Timorese teacher colleagues the basics and intricacies of simply reading and sharing a picture story book with their students. Something Australian teachers, children and parents take for granted is the ability to easily access picture books and read them together, interpret them, wonder about characters and outcomes, and learn about morals and ideals by which we can live. This was a wonderful opportunity for the Timorese educators and families to develop these important skills.

We will be raising money to purchase picture story books for the schools in East Timor. Each book is $7.50. Such a small amount to help share the joy of being able to read a book. The students will be encouraged to wear the colours of the Timor flag, black, red and yellow. We will hold a flag raising ceremony in the morning, recognising our friends in Viqueque.

The objective of the Project Care program is to help our students gain an insight into the lives of the people that we try to help. To help our students have a wider perspective and understanding of the greater world.

When; Friday 18th May

What; East Timor Day, wear black, red and yellow. Please bring some money to go towards our wish of buying picture story books for East Timor. The East Timor craft store will also be open for the day.

Claire Deretic
Project Care Team



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