Transforming Bellarine - The 2018 Editorial - Year 9

Year 9 students taking part in ‘The Editorial’ elective this term have been continuing to publish articles based on our theme of ‘transformation’. This work is being showcased to their target audience – years 7-9 – through their online blog, while one article is also being published in The Vine each week. Last week you were taken to East Timor by Serena El-Hage. Today, you can read about the physical transformation of the Bellarine campus – as seen by Year 9 student Emma Barton…

From Then To Now…

Since 2009 when I had walked into Christian College as a Prep until now as a Year 9, I have seen Christian College transform in so many ways – from the gym and music facilities, a playground and sand pit, to the barn transforming now.

One place, that I can remember that has changed is the gym and music facilities and auditorium. I can remember everyone crowding in the room at junior school assembly. I can remember seeing older students doing performances on the stage. A benefit of being a foundation student is that I can look back when the auditorium, gym and music facilities were not there, there was a huge space of area – I can see the way Christian College has developed. It had a playground, sandpit that was around the peppercorn tree and an area with chairs for people to sit around. Running around the playground with my friends, playing games and building sandcastles in the sandpit. I can relive whenever I had music that I would go to the 9D homeroom because that was where the music rooms were when I was in Prep and Year 1.

Another thing that has changed in the school is the Year 3 classrooms. The area of the Year 3 classes was the canteen. Although I was tiny in the years it was here, I can still remember what it looked like. I remember when I was in Prep and going to see my buddies in the Year 4 rooms. Where the Year 4 rooms are now was also where the Year 3 rooms were.

From these two things that I can remember, to the barn being transformed now, Christian College has changed throughout the years and will continue to change as the years go on.

Emma Barton

Image: The Auditorium at Christian College Bellarine (E. Barton)

Victoria Kent

The Editorial Elective Teacher



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