Project Care Casual Dress Day – Friday 18th of May – East Timor Independence Day!

On Friday, 18th May, Christian College Geelong is celebrating East Timor’s Independence Day. This day is a special event on the College Calendar as it marks the end of violent turmoil between Indonesia and East Timor, and the beginning of something special – a brand new country with bright prospects ahead.

Christian College Geelong and East Timor have a special bond. Over the last 15 years, Christian College has worked to actively support, and contribute to, re-building the new nation.

I had the absolute privilege to travel to East Timor in 2012 – and it is an experience that will forever remain with me. Firsthand, I was able to experience the people of Viqueque and their beautiful, kind-hearted nature. Their genuine happiness shone throughout Viqueque, despite the persistent challenges they were facing.

East Timor, and the people of Viqueque, still have numerous challenges to face every day. It is our responsibility to continue to support the community of Viqueque, and the wider nation of East Timor. 

As a result, Friday, 18th of May will be dedicated to raising funds for East Timor. 
This will be done through:

Causal Dress day with a gold coin donation – Students to celebrate East Timor by wearing the colours of the Timorese flag (red, yellow, black and white). 

- A stall in the foyer of the office – a stall will be set up in the foyer of the office at Junior School, where Parents and students will be able to purchase items throughout the day. Items available are shown on the attached photo. They include pencils, erasers, gel pens, highlighers, hard cover books. Items range from 50 cents through to $8. All students will have an opportunity to visit the stall throughout the day. 

All funds raised on Friday, 18th May, and any other Project Care events during Term 2, will contribute to purchasing Picture Story Books. The Picture Story Books will be donated to primary schools throughout East Timor.  

Reshae Armstrong

Project Care Coordinator


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