Transforming Bellarine - The 2018 Editorial - Year 9

Year 9 students taking part in ‘The Editorial’ elective this term continue to publish articles based on our theme – ‘transformation’. This work is being showcased to their target audience – years 7-9 – through their online blog. One article is also being published in The Vine each week. Already this term you have been taken to East Timor by Serena El-Hage, and read about the physical transformation of the Bellarine campus – as seen by student Emma Barton. Today, Holly Harris takes you to our state’s north-west…

Speedway Weekend

It was Friday the 4th of May and Dad picked me up from school at 11:10am. We went to the shed to load the race car on the trailer. We ended up leaving Geelong at 2pm to start our five-and-a-half hour journey to Swan Hill. We arrived at 7:30pm and once we had booked into the motel, Dad and I walked down the main street to get dinner. Saturday came and it was race day! I had a pretty relaxing day, we went to have breakfast then walked around the main town. After all that it was time to head to the track. We headed off to the track which was like a 10 min drive down the road. Once we were there I had to change into my race suit and get everything sorted out to be able to race. Everything was sorted and ready to go we got called up the line up and went out for a four wide salute for a SA 12 year old girl who had died. We payed respect to her and her family. It was finally time for the first race, heat 1. I was starting in position 2, I was running second for most of the race until the last few laps when a car got around me which left me finishing third - which was still pretty good considering there was 12 cars in this heat. After fuelling the car and having a little break, it was time for heat 2 - I was starting in position 5. During the race I gained one position, finishing 4th. Heat 3 was straight up, which did not give us a chance to get out, my dad helped check the fuel and make sure we had enough to get me through heat 3. In this heat I was meant to be starting in position 8, but the guy in front of me broke a part of his car which meant I was able to move up, letting me start position 6. I was able to gain 2 more spots leaving me finishing 4th again! After having an interval, letting us have some food and get the cars ready for the final, we found out our starting positions for the final - I qualified 4th out of 11. The final was the worst part of the weekend. The green flag had dropped and coming into the first corner I was three wide but annoyingly the person in front got messy and spun but as he was going to spin he was driving straight towards me so I slammed my brakes on but not soon enough...he drove straight into me leaving me with a bruise on my arm and my back wheel arch bent rubbing on the tire, which meant I had to pull infield and I was unable to finish the race. We ended up loading the car and leaving straight after presentations. Luckily Macca's was on the way back to the motel so we stopped and got food. When we got back to the room we met up with another junior and his family so we hung out and talked for a few hours and at this stage it was 2 in the morning, so we all went to bed. Early Sunday morning came and it was time to drive home. Overall it was a good weekend - apart from the little accident. It was good to see my friends again.

By Holly Harris

Image: A four wide salute at Swan Hill (Daily Pics)



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