The Year 8 Studio Art Group headed down the rabbit hole...

On Monday this week the Year 8 Studio Art class had an excursion to ACMI, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, to immerse themselves in the artistic evolution of Alice in Wonderland. They chose the big or the little door, they entered the mirror, and they had a tea party surrounded by giant mushrooms and digital ants. But why?

In a cross-curriculum initiative between Visual Art and English, the Year 8 students will be writing their own fairytales, either original ones or adaptations of existing ones, and they will also be making a scuptural artwork or installation that represents this story.

Our journey down the rabbit hole was an exercise in inspiration that got many of our students thinking how best to visually represent their fairytale, but also wonder why such a weird and wacky fairytale has managed to stay relevant to our current time. I anticipate many interesting conversations to come in both Studio Art and English.

Mrs Lori Ruplal.
Middle School Art, Design and Media Teacher - Bellarine Campus.


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