Art Food Fun and Sustainability

What a great start to Term 2 and as the weather is getting colder the students are even more keen to spend hours being creative.

We have been looking at sustainability and reminiscing about the days when hankies were used instead of tissues. I actually challenged the students to  ask a loved one if they had a spare hanky which they could give. We also discussed paper and its origins and uses. The children then were given one clean and pristine tissue to use inside their Paper clay sculpture. Our theme as you can see was food art and the donut!

Grade 4G were captivated by the fun to be had making a designer ‘Donut’. They started by drawing an Ice Cream Sundae using as many flavours of ice cream as possible. Their imaginations ran wild and they quickly began incorporating all sorts of sweet treats including a donut or two as decoration.

Then the donut came up as a hot favourite to create using paper clay. After some time coming up with a design it was time to experiment with clay. Each one was created lovingly using one tissue to represent a better use of the paper product, a tissue!

It was a joy to see engaged happy children having fun exploring ideas via creativity.  The sweetness of this activity was heightened by the feedback from fellow students and teachers .

So be sure to look out for a future donut display.

Jennifer Beck Carlson

Art Teacher, Junior School


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