Prep Botanical Gardens Visit

In Integrated Studies, we have been exploring the world around us through our five senses. We have discussed living and non-living things and have investigated the different needs of living things. Last week, we were excited to have our first excursion to the Geelong Botanical Gardens.

We were fortunate the weather remained kind as we ventured outdoors to experience the beautiful learning environment in the gardens. The friendly staff provided us with many hands-on activities to stimulate our sense of smell, touch, sight and sound. We enjoyed a story about using our noses to smell and explored the garden to find smelly plants and make a souvenir ‘smell bag’. We also learnt about growing plants for food, such as bananas, and the process of wheat changing from a plant into flour for cooking.

Our favourite outdoor activity was the treasure hunt. We had to keep our eyes peeled for living and non-living things in the gardens and use our sense of sight and our keen observation skills to discover the wide variety of plants in the gardens. We are looking forward to linking our new learning about plants to our next Integrated Studies topic about the weather.

Annie Boseley

Year Prep B Teacher


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