Systems Engineering Students Plan to Take on the World

Year 11 students Thomas Shanahan, Sebastian Ballard and Liam Burt have begun their journey to qualify for the World RoboCup Robot Soccer Championships to be held in Sydney next year. The students already featured highly in the Australian Finals last year in Standard(LEGO) Robot Soccer League. They have now stepped up into the most technical, Open League which is a RoboCup World Championship event. Their robots have to use a video camera to find the orange ball and coloured goals, as well as a range of other sensors to position themselves on the field. Mentoring has been obtained from past CCG and RoboCup students, Lachlan Angus and Xander Profaca, who are now in their second year in Engineering at Deakin University.

So far the students have designed their own modular circuit boards which were manufactured in China. They have linked a Pixi Cam to an Arduino Mega Microprocessor Board and powered the robots using Joinmax motors which are amongst the strongest of their type in the world (Pictured). They will hopefully use these robots to qualify through the state event at Melbourne University and the national event to be held at Melbourne Park in September.


Mr Brian Thomas

Systems Engineering Teacher


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