From Paddock to Plate to Paddock

This week the Year 11 and 12 VCAL classes visited The Farmer’s Place, Mt Duneed. Both year levels have had a focus for the semester of Health and Wellbeing at the centre of all their learning areas. This excursion offered the opportunity to see how a local business was able to run an effective restaurant by growing their own produce and sourcing the other ingredients, which they do not farm or grow, locally. The study the students carried out was on how many flying miles the ingredients of a pizza travels to get to Australia, even though each one we looked at could have been purchased in Australia. We discovered that even basic pizzas with four ingredients were travelling about 60, 000 kilometres. The students learnt about raising animals, growing seasonally and were able to create a delicious pizza from locally sourced ingredients. The overriding concept that the students learnt was about how we can take from the paddock to the plate. This was built on by adding the important step of returning the food waste back to the paddock, which prevents the dumping of it in landfill. The learning the students gained will be used in their classrooms but also shared with our friends at Northern Bay, Tallis Street Campus.



Ange Tutty, Stephen Warden & Kylie O’Brien

VCAL Teachers


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