Writing using Story Stones


Mr McKeeman also helped the preps with their story telling time. The preps were using ‘story stones’ to create a story, which they shared with a classmate. 

The children chose stones that had characters, settings or other story elements drawn on them. They used the stones to create an imaginative story, which they told to their partner. The children were encouraged to have a beginning, middle and an ending to their story.

Then they had the opportunity to create some story stones of their own.

When creating their stones the children were required to think about what characters they wanted to use, where their story would take place, and what their characters would do. Once they had all of this information they drew the pictures onto stones.

Next week, they will use their story stones to write a narrative, which they will share with each other.

Storytelling enhances imagination and vocabulary in children and story stones are a great way to assist children with the planning of their story.


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