East Timor Flag Raising Ceremony


Today all of the Christian College campuses came together to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the restoration of independence for the second newest nation on Earth: Timor-Leste. Service men and women from our country helped the Timorese to independence from 1999 to 2002, and also during short periods of civil unrest since. Now, people from Geelong support our friends in Viqueque. Christian College has steadfastly supported this community for most of their independence. We are now proud and yet humbled to have developed strong friendships in Viqueque.  

As a part of these celebrations the preps and students from Butterfield House came together around the flagpole to pray for our friends in East Timor and raise the Timor flag as a sign of our love, support and respect.

The children have been learning about the many hardships the people of Timor face each day and how blessed we are as a nation.

As another sign of respect the children wore traditional Timor Tais and flew their own Timor flag.


This evening our Campus will be hosting the 15th year celebration of Christian College’s involvement in East Timor.  


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