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Hello everyone,

I hope you have all been settling into the first couple of weeks of term with ease.

Over the next three weeks I have decided to interview your 2018 College Prefects and give them an opportunity to introduce themselves and explain their roles to the community. Throughout the prefect training process late last year, the eight College Prefects were assigned to specific portfolio areas to focus on for the year: with the Captains focusing on their individual responsibilities and the remaining six each choosing a different area. We meet as a group one lunchtime a week to plan, discuss and work on our individual projects and in doing so we have all learnt how to structure and attend a proper board meeting.

This week I have asked Nathan Pearson and Isabel Hackett a little about their portfolio, and visions for that portfolio, what they have enjoyed the most and what are their future aspirations.



The portfolio that I have undertaken is the Peer Connections role. My aim is to bring this year’s cohort of Year 12 students closer together, so that everyone feels connected, that although there will be challenges, each and every student is supported and encouraged within the year level. My current project is to develop student profiles using a questionnaire. These profiles, once completed by students, will be displayed in the Common Room for the year level to see. Hopefully this will create a sense of belonging and new talking points among the students, enabling them to create new and closer relationships as a result.

I have really enjoyed all I have learnt so far this year, including lots of tips and lessons on how to overcome challenges, be of assistance and support to others, as well as more opportunities to work as part of a team.

After school I hope to pursue something which involves being active and keeps me involved in sport as much as possible!



My portfolio as a prefect is Social Service in which my role is to serve the broader community of not just Christian College but also outside of the College.  This could involve providing awareness and encouraging the community to give up our time to help the people in the area we live. In line with this, my focus for the term is to get involved in the Christ Church food relief centre, with several of my fellow prefects and students to meet new people and provide food for those without, on a weekly basis. This idea is just beginning to get up and running and I’m really excited to learn more about the people and the place I live in by undertaking it. This will help me to boost enthusiasm and create further opportunities for volunteering in the school.

As a Prefect my highlight would have to be getting to know more people and learning skills that may seem minor, but will help me substantially in the future when independence is a key. Prefect training was a blast and I’m surrounded by some pretty great people that make the role of prefect a delight!

I have not yet decided on a career path but I do have dreams of travelling overseas to Greece and Fiji after I finish school, which I am thoroughly looking forward to. I aim to take a Gap year and experience the world before recommencing my study, at which time I hope things will be more clear for my future.

Thank you so much to Isabel & Nathan for sharing with us this week, and stay tuned to meet Hannah Wood and Lachie Brough next week.


Megan Heathcote

College Prefect


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