Gentle as a Lamb - 7M

7M were so pleased to have a very special visitor to their Friday homeroom recently.

Beau Walters of 7M ( brother of Nelly, 9Y  ) had shared the story of how his family had found two abandoned lambs the week before, on a cold and rainy night. They had just been born, and would surely have died if the Walters family hadn’t rescued them.  Beau’s mother Kristie, and his younger sister Bonnie, brought in 7-day old Goldy the Lamb, to be showered with love and attention last Friday morning.

Kristie and Beau explained that Goldy and her sister-lamb (both Dorpers) were being bottle fed with special formula, every five hours. They would soon be on solids, but not until they gained some weight and stability.  She said that it was not unusual to find abandoned lambs, whose mothers may have died in birth, or have deserted them because they were too fragile. 

Beau told 7M that Goldy and her sister are living in the cubby house for now, and will eventually be given to the farming property next door, where there are other sheep.  The students loved patting Goldy’s soft ears, and we were all surprised at how little wool she had on her skinny body! 

A wonderful experience.  Big thanks to the Walters family and to Goldy.


Ms Jackie Coreless

Year 7 Homeroom Teacher


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