On Tuesday, 5th June, the ‘Bravehearts’ team will be coming to Junior School at 11:30am in the Chapel, to lead a personal safety program for our Prep and Year 2 students. This program provides students with the basic principles of personal safety, providing them with the tools to stay safe and to know what to do if anything does occur. The ‘Ditto Show’ is a live performance with Ditto, a life sized bear, being the star attraction. The show will run for 35 minutes and is also open to parents from both year levels to attend if they would like to do so. The program is Australia wide and has been operating since 2006, empowering over 300,000 children. It is widely used in Geelong Primary Schools and has been part of our Junior School program for the past five years. Topics covered throughout the show consist of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ feelings, The Body’s Warning Signs, Private Parts, Secrets and what to do if you feel unsafe or unsure. If parents are unable to attend the show and the follow up information, this link provides more details and an overview of what will be covered with the children.

If you have questions about the program please feel free to discuss with me or one of our Prep or Year 2 teachers. This is a helpful program to equip our students in the area of Child Safety.

Rowan Thurman
Chaplain and Learning Support Teacher


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