Developing Learning through Play

Year 1G have been enjoying the dramatic play area that is currently a Vet Clinic. Students have been taking on the role of the vet, receptionist or pet owner and have been using their creativity to imagine their pet’s names, symptoms and treatments. When students attend the 1G vet, they have to read the time to check for opening hours, make an appointment with the receptionist and fill out a patient information form. The expert vets then assesses the pet’s ‘external features’ and provides a treatment, all whilst filling out the patient record. Students have also enjoyed making collars, toys and food for their animals in the collage area during Investigations.

There are many links to our learning when the students play in the Vet, particularly to our It’s Alive Biological Sciences unit. It’s great to see the students thinking of things we can add to the vet such as a clock to practice telling the time.

After my emergency trip to the vet last week with my dog Bella, I am glad to be back in the classroom where it is only pretend play!

Jamie-Lee Lobbe

Year 1G Teacher


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