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Broadening Our Horizons

Recently I had the privilege of using my long service leave to visit Jordan, Israel, and Greece and was able to experience the different cultures and customs on display in those places. Experiencing what our world has to offer takes one out of their usual ‘comfort zone’ to look at people and places with fresh eyes. It broadens one’s outlook and serves to highlight the fact that we are very blessed living in Australia. We take so much of what we have in Australia for granted, especially in terms of our freedom, comfort, safety and lifestyle. It’s always good to be back home!

Last Friday night I joined with students, staff, families and others in the Geelong community to celebrate Christian College’s 15th anniversary of the College’s involvement with the people of East Timor at the new Surf Coast Campus. It was a joyous and special night of celebration. Christian College has assisted in providing a Friendship House in the Viqueque region, which includes a fully functioning kindergarten, computers, practical life skills programs and the resourcing of outlying schools and kindergartens. Students and staff have had opportunities to visit during this time and it has changed many a person’s outlook and focus in positive ways.

Christian College encourages an outward looking focus through camps, the Year 9 Farm Experience and the ‘Our World’ trips to Indonesia, Vietnam and Central Australia. Music opportunities have also taken students to Hawaii earlier this year.

Likewise, the Project Care activities here at Junior School help us to develop an ‘outward focus’ where we look beyond our own situations to assist others. The compassion shown by our Junior School students in their giving of time and resources is wonderful to see. This coming week we celebrate a Pink Lady event and Reconciliation Week. These will provide further opportunities to look at the wider needs that exist nationally and on the world stage.

Rowan Thurman




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