Vehicles on Parade - Prep

In the Prep classrooms the students have been learning about land transport with a focus on how vehicles and emergency vehicles have changed over time, as part of their Integrated Studies unit on Transport. This week we had three different visits to explore an ambulance, a 1926 Humber and a police car.

Students enjoyed meeting Sarah, a college mum who is a paramedic, and learning about her important role in our local community. The students were able to experience different types of equipment and tour the ambulance. With hands over their ears the Preps were able to experience just how loud the ambulance siren really is. It was a great experience that enabled the students to gain an understanding of the important community helpers that paramedics are.

The next car rolled in on Thursday afternoon. This time it was a visit from Mr Stephens, a College staff member, who brought his 9/20 Humber to school. The students had the opportunity to be hands on as they took in the details of this car from the past. The students were keen to compare their understanding of modern cars, to the olden day car in front of them. There were squeals of delight as they were able to sit in the driver’s seat, pretend to go for a spin and even toot the horn. Mr. Stephen’s visit was a catalyst for much rich discussion around how and why vehicles have changed over time.

The police came for a visit on Friday morning. Acting Sgt Bronwyn and Leading Snr Constable Chris, spoke about the important gadgets and gizmos that can be found in a police car. Students had a chance to hear the sirens, take a good look inside the vehicle and ask questions about the important role that the police play in our everyday lives.

These were wonderful experiences and a great source of learning for our young students.

Allie Jacobi and Katie Oelke
Prep Classroom teachers


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