Communication Excursion - Year 1 & 2

On the 17th of May the Year One and Two students ventured out to learn more about the place of communication in our community. To do this they visited the Geelong Library where they were taken on a tour of the library. This involved looking at historical documents and methods of communication in the heritage centre. The students spent time looking at modern technology that read books out aloud for people who are visually impaired and another that turned text into Braille for blind people. We finished our time looking at books, snuggling into nooks to read and playing all of the wonderful games that they had on offer. Onto the bus we climbed and our next stop was 96 three The Christian Radio station. Whilst at the station the children spoke with three different radio presenters. One of the presenters, Gosha Rakiej from the morning show recorded sound bites of their voices, played funny sound effects and audio clips. Radio announcer Danni Synot had the children in the ‘On Air’ studio with her whilst she was working. Some of the students even got to talk on air. They were also shown around the rest of the studio by presenter Jay Maurer, viewing the recording rooms for the late shows and the editing suites. As quoted by one of the students who participated ‘This was the best day ever!’ Indeed, a wonderful experience for all involved.

Samantha Bett
Year 2 Homeroom Teacher


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